How You Can Help Your Colicky Baby

There’s been loads of research done on Colic over the years and although there is no known cause,  it seems to be related to trapped wind in the digestive system which causes distress, for not only your baby, but for you. Colic means to cry excessively, and that is exactly what they do.

Colic doesn’t last forever.  It can peak at 6 to 9 weeks and can be gone at 3 months.  Easier said than done, but the best way to ease stress for both of you when your baby is suffering is to stay calm and focused.  Baby massage is a really good way to ease the pain of colic and get rid of the wind, but there are other ways too

Try rocking your baby and quietly singing to her.  Your voice is the one she has heard for the last 9 months, your voice is what she wants to hear and it will calm her, easing the pain and helping her to sleep.

Try some really soothing music. Our daughter is 2 in January and she listens to the same music I play the same music in my classes, it really calms her and relaxes her so much that she falls asleep to it almost instantly.

This is what I play...



September Baby Massage Course Comes To An End

This months baby massage course came to an end today with lots of happy mammys and babies.  I’ve heard some lovely stories over the last 4 weeks regarding positive changes in their babies, and other developmental progress due to massage.  Well done, Kayleigh & Bobby, Ailsa & Isaac, Erin & Aldo, Sam & Betsy Beaux, Nicola & Hannah and Michael & Charlie Xxx


How Massage Can Beat Baby Blues

This is taken from

Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine

Report: Massage and mother/baby interaction with depressed mothers, carried out by Fetal and Neonatal Stress Research Group.

Results: Mothers with postnatal depression are known to have a worse relationship with their babies. The aim of this study was to find whether a programme of attending mother baby massage classes would be beneficial. A group who attended five massage classes was compared with a similar group who attended a support group. At the end of the test period the massage group had significantly less depression and very significantly better interaction with their babies, than the control group. This is the first time that a method has been found for improving the relationship between a depressed mother and her baby.